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Recommended Books for IIT Preparation in Class 9

Starting IIT preparation early in class 9 can give students a significant advantage when it comes to cracking highly competitive exams. Building a strong foundation in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics during this crucial year not only helps students excel academically but also sets them on the right path for success in the IIT entrance exams. In this blog, we will explore some essential books that can aid Class 9 students in their IIT preparation journey, specifically focusing on Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.



“Concepts of Physics – Part 1” authored by H.C. Verma is a highly recommended book for gaining a comprehensive understanding of foundational physics concepts.

“Problems in General Physics” written by I.E. Irodov provides challenging problems that aid in enhancing problem-solving skills and preparing students for advanced concepts.

“Physics Olympiad – Basic to Advanced Exercises” compiled by The Physics Society offers a collection of problems from various Physics Olympiads, which are beneficial for improving problem-solving abilities.



“Organic Chemistry for Joint Entrance Examination JEE (Advanced): Part 1” by M.S. Chouhan systematically covers organic chemistry topics with a focus on the JEE syllabus.

“Physical Chemistry for the JEE (Advanced)” authored by P. Bahadur is a popular book that delves into physical chemistry concepts through problem-solving and concept understanding.

“Inorganic Chemistry for JEE Main & Advanced” by Sudarsan Guha presents inorganic chemistry topics concisely, aligning with the JEE syllabus.



“Mathematics for Class 9” by R.D. Sharma is a highly recommended resource that covers the entire class 9 syllabus with an emphasis on building strong mathematical fundamentals.

“Complete Mathematics for JEE Main and Advanced” published by Tata McGraw Hill offers comprehensive coverage of all topics essential for IIT preparation, with a variety of practice problems for each concept.

“Problems Plus in IIT Mathematics” by A. Das Gupta is renowned for its challenging mathematical problems, aiding students in developing problem-solving skills and deeper comprehension of concepts.



Choosing the right books for IIT preparation in class 9 plays a vital role in setting a strong academic foundation. The recommended books for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics cater to the needs of IIT aspirants by providing comprehensive coverage, detailed explanations, and ample practice opportunities. Starting early with these books allows students to develop problem-solving skills, gain conceptual clarity, and build confidence in preparation for the IIT entrance exams. Remember, while these books are important, maintaining a consistent study routine, seeking guidance from teachers or mentors, and solving previous year’s question papers are equally crucial elements of IIT preparation success.

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